The dust rises for miles as Perry Rhodes composes in soft humming over the steering wheel. His songs written throughout those long stretches of asphalt that tie together North America have only been sung to the worn linen of cheap motel rooms and the dust of empty barns. His voice, soulful and gritty brings a warmth to the vulnerable space it fills. Those of us who get a glimpse, tell him it’s wrong to let such pure storytelling go unheard. He’s been quiet in all that roaming for far too long.

His words, dark and romantic, paint the ever-changing landscapes he travels through, the desire to sink into the subtleties of life and the longing to hold on to those moments that keep him moving through themes of passion and loss. Their sentiments stretch out like hours as they illuminate the beauty of an honest day’s labor. He learned hard work young, growing up in the almond orchards of California and making a living has always meant working with his hands. He says, “All those long hard hours, that’s where my real love of writing began.”

There’s an intimacy he creates between you and his songwriting, honest and sincere, where raw moments of clarity meet the pulse of time, hypnotic and dreamy, much like the motion of voices talking under starry skies. You can find a piece of yourself in each one of his songs and with their cinematic quality, they can fill a space with a flood of nostalgia so deep you can’t feel the bottom. It's a sure feat to put so many rough facets of life into words that reach down into you and pull at your soul. They are the love stories of coarse hands, humble dreams, the nuts and bolts of living, getting dirty and traveling on. 


Photo by Jessy Easton

Photo by Katch Silva

Photo by Katch Silva

Photo by Nirav Patel

Photo by Nirav Patel

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