Some sounds stay with you, the low rumbling of an old truck engine in the morning air, the needle gracing the vinyl as the record begins to spin, so much more than something you hear, it's a wave of nostalgia. This feeling washes over you upon listening to Perry Rhodes. His voice, soulful and gritty, brings warmth to the vulnerable space it fills. His words, dark yet romantic, beautifully painting the landscapes he travels through and the intimate moments that keep him moving through themes of passion and loss. 

With each song recorded from the road you hear the change of soundscapes, from birds at dawn, to ocean waves crashing on the shore, to the drone of cars on the highway, to the rustle of leaves as dogs bark in the distance. You get a sense of an older time with the minimalist guitar reminiscent of raw delta blues. Listening to the sound of his quavering voice alongside the subtle creaks of his old guitar parallels the howling wind through the trees on a stormy night, leaving you sheltered by his voice, honest and wistful.

His current track Ease the Tide reminds us of how fleeting life can be, placing that longing to live more deeply in each moment as you allow yourself to be present. It's heartbreaking. It's real. It's a sure feat to put all facets of life, the good and the bad, into words that reach down into you and pulls at your soul.

... But I may be biased.


His little bird


Photo by Nirav Patel

Photo by Nirav Patel

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Currently working on new music. To get a glimpse into the process and my life you can find me at @PerryRhodes on instagram. 

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